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Legal services

For private individuals

1) Verbal and written consultations

In order to settle legal issues in various areas of legal relations, we provide fast, comprehensive, practical advice and legal opinions in writing.
2) Preparing legally justified letters, applications, appeals, complaints etc.

In order to receive, and presentation the based information to organizations and institutions of all types of ownership, helps to prepare the necessary letters, complaints, appeals in order to achieve the goal.
3) Analysis and development agreements of civil law

To protect the rights and interests to comply with the current legislation of Ukraine in the civil - law relations, develop and / or analyze civil legal contracts.
4) Representation in government, local authorities and other organizations regardless of ownership

In case the person can not to personally apply to public bodies, local authorities and other organizations providing services for persons representing the interests of the above organizations. Representation of a qualified specialist, that understood in the legal nuances allows to reach the goal of spending a minimum time.
5) Family disputes and pretrial settlement

Family relationships are the result of marriage, birth of children and regulated persons living in the same household, as well as relatives in kinship. 
Mostly family disputes arise: in marriage, divorce, relationships in the case of maintenance, care of family members, and in other circumstances. 
Attorney Services in this category of cases required in order to protect the rights and interests of the family and each family member individually. 
To settle these relationships, we provide the following services: 
1. Legal advice (verbal and in writing); 
2. Development, conclusion, amendment or termination of marriage contracts; 
3. Help with clearance of divorce, including by drawing up a claim, and maintenance of the case in court; 
4. Representation of interests in matters relating to the division of marital property and recovery of maintenance; 
5. Representation of interests in adoption.

6) Inheritance cases

Cases related with the legacy arising in the transition of the rights and responsibilities of persons who died (heir) to the person or persons (heirs) who take the totality of the rights and obligations of the testator as heritage - the ancestral property inherited masses. 
Services in hereditary cases necessary if you can not execute documents on inheritance missed period during which you can take a legacy passed by inheritance disputes arising from the allocation of the heirs of the estate. 
Also, these services are absolutely necessary if you want to recognize the ownership of the estate in court, if it is determined that the covenant was made with violations and must be set aside, if necessary, to remove the right to inherit for other heirs, if the rule has not been applied for recognition of the right to have a share in the inheritance, and the need to establish the fact of the inheritance. 
In this section, the services include: 
1. Consultations (verbal and written) including the provision of legal opinions; 
2. Court settlement of disputes; 3. Preparation of all necessary legal documents for litigation; 
4. Submission of all legal documents including a claim in court; 
5. Representation in court; 
6. If necessary, the appeal of judgment of the appellate and cassation.

7) Debt collection, including with the receipts

While living in today's society, a person often faces with the financial liability. Very common documentary evidence of financial relations between individuals are receipts. However, as circulated in the community have questions about not returning of the funds, which in turn leads to conflict. 
The crisis of the financial system, funds defaulted on credit agreements, IOUs and loan agreements, various kinds of fraud - it is the result of bad faith on the parties of their obligations. 
Return of debts that are confirmed receipts or loan agreements, has specific characteristics in the legal practice. 
Each situation is associated with a return receipt debt and loan agreements, has its unique features due to the circumstances of a particular debt, personality characteristics of the creditor and the debtor. 
For debt collection and debt recovery we provide services which include: 
1. Consultations (verbal and written) using actions on conducting business and building relationships with the debtor; 
2. Exploring the evidence base collector debt: document analysis, indicating the formation of debt obligation (loan agreement), etc.; 
3. Referral claim to the name of the debtor of the requirement to repay the debt or on receipt of a loan agreement; 
4. Development and submission of all required documents including the statement of claim to court to recover the debt from the debtor to the loan agreement or on the receipt; 
5. Doing civil or commercial cases for the recovery of debt under a loan agreement, IOUs, in other agreements from which the debt; 
6. Representation in court all instances; 
7. Appeals for the recovery of property of debtors.

8) The debt of material damage, including in the accidents

Harm is the inflicting minor bodily harm to person with short-term health disorder or short-term disability. Property damage - the destruction of property or reduce benefits for individuals causing some adverse material consequences (losses). Damages regulated by civil legislation of Ukraine. Every citizen of Ukraine has the right to have compensation of damages suffered from third parties. Measures of damages to punish the person, that caused such damage by material sanctions.
Everyone is entitled to compensation from the state or local government for material and moral damage caused by unlawful actions or omissions by public authorities, local governments and their officials and officers in the exercise of its powers. 
Damages as a result of an accident is a common action on the application of physical sanctions against the offending person and the protection of violated rights and interests of persons who have suffered material and moral damages. 
The most common type of accident - vehicle collisions, resulting usually is corruption. Due to the large number of road accidents in Ukraine problem for damages caused as a result of an accident, remain relevant.

9) Representation in court

Today, because of the complexity and the continuous development of the Ukrainian legislation, the contradiction in the law, many conflicts that occur in them, not every citizen has the opportunity to defend their violated rights. Therefore, representation in court is becoming increasingly urgent topic of discussion, the ability to choose a representative for the proper protection of rights, as a representative action at the same time, creating for the principal law also give rise to the latter duties, which in some cases may be undesirable. That is, the actions of a representative whose authority certified properly equated to the actions of the principal and create for him the same effects as their own actions. 
Representation in courts helps a person in the exercise of its right to the protection of rights, freedoms and interests. 
Services for legal representation include: 
1. Analysis, development and submission to the court of all legal documents including, but not limited to: claim, an objection to a claim, explanation, request, application, etc; 
2. Collection of evidence; 
3. Representation in courts of law; 
4. Representation in the Commercial Court in economic affairs; 
5. Representation in administrative court for administrative affairs; 
6. Legal aid for criminal cases.

For legal persons

1) Verbal and written consultations

In order to address legal issues in various areas of legal relations provide fast, comprehensive, practical advices and legal opinions in writing.
2) Development and analysis of contracts and other legal documents

As a result of the economic activity of enterprises of different ownership forms constant current issues are economic and settlement of contractual relations through the conclusion of agreements which have as their object not only the procedure of financial and economic obligations, but the order of the obligations under the contract, the protection of the rights of the by agreement and penalties for unfair performance obligations.
When doing business through contractual commitments party guarantee free expression of fact in the contract and ensure compliance with the conditions of the contract.
In the contractual obligations of legal aid as required in the initial contract (use action to provide offers and receive it) and in compliance with the conditions of contract and contract changes during its execution.
To control for observance of performance of contractual obligations we provide services that include:
1. Analysis and development of agreements (agreements);
2. Development and analysis protocols to differences treaties (agreements);
3. Development and analysis of applications, additional agreement (agreements);
4. Participation in negotiations at the conclusion of the contract (agreements) with third parties in resolving differences related to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment.

3) Pretentious lawsuit work

Implementation the program to stabilize the economy in Ukraine, the transition to a market economy is accompanied by a profound renewal of the legal framework of the economic mechanism. Thus it appears evident the need of a clear enforcement in all areas and levels of economic complex.
The processes of formation of the market and market infrastructure, the development of free enterprise associated with the occurrence and the necessity to solve complex problems.
To provide practical and technical support services for enterprises provides organizations with claims and related work. We present a power of attorney in accordance with law in the courts of the interests of companies and other bodies when considering legal issues and disputes; give legal assessment of the claim, the company imposed now or in connection with the violation of his property rights and legal interests. We carry the fight with the facts in delay claims, unfounded refusal to meet the reasonable requirements of the applicant claims, protect rights and be obliged to fulfill the obligation in court.
Claim-related work in the company should contribute to:
- Contract enforcement in all areas;
- Saving and rational use of material, labor, financial and other types of resources;
- Protection and restoration of the violated property rights and interests of enterprises;
- Ensuring responsibility violators contractual obligations;
- Effective use of contractual obligations to improve the economic indicators of economic activity and prevent its violation.

Claim-related work includes:
- Preparation and preparation of documents required for submission and consideration of complaints and claims;
- Submission and review of claims and preparation of claims;
- Preparation of responses (references) and applications for review of decisions, orders, rulings of the court in the order of supervision;
- Monitoring the claim-related proceedings.

4) Representation in government, local authorities and other organizations regardless of ownership

We provide representation services for businesses in the state government, local government and other organizations regardless of ownership.
Representation of companies held by qualified specialists who understand the legal nuances. This possibility makes it possible to reach the goal in the shortest time.

5) Representation in negotiations

Representation of interests by means qualified legal professionals in negotiations, allows you to protect your rights and interests.
In order to protect the rights and interests of the company are involved in the negotiations:
- at the conclusion of the contract (agreements) with third parties;
- in resolving differences related to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations;
- when suspended obligations;
- by changing the subject and other liabilities.

6) Support of the corporate affairs

To ensure the business, enterprises conduct maintenance on the transfer and alienation of corporate rights applying antitrust law to the protection of corporate rights. For the purpose, we provide legal advice in dealing with corporate matters, including:
1. Legislative support and training documents to the General Meeting of Shareholders;
2. Obstruction in illegal conduct of the General Meeting, followed by bringing to justice;
3. Mergers and acquisitions, learning and researching the enterprises in preparation for absorption;
4. Liquidation;
5. Bankruptcy (update solvency);
6. Purchase of shares (parts) of the company, the legal protection;
7. Providing legal assistance in transfer and alienation of corporate rights;
8. Protection in court the violated corporate rights.

7) A comprehensive subscription service

Subscriber legal services - a comprehensive legal service of all legal issues that arise in the course of his economic activity, thus avoiding hasty decision-making, reduce financial and commercial risks and solve the existing problems.
Integrated service allows experts on legal issues in the legal field to resolve any conflict.
The main advantage of the subscription business support is to ensure timely qualified legal support for a monthly subscription fee, herewith:
Client perfectly legal saves money for the payment of taxes and duties on the payroll staff lawyer and relieve yourself from additional economic costs (maintenance job lawyer to ensure its regulatory framework and specialized literature, sick pay and annual leave pay, social package);
Customer service is involved in law team who will always answer any questions;
By understanding the specific client's business, we are ready to prepare and implement legal mechanisms to protect its interests, control of such a mechanism, and address issues that arise;
Subscriber legal services makes it possible to provide a definition of contractual relations, a balance of financial and legal interests diagnose economic activity, to identify and eliminate risks to forecast the tax burden, reduce costs, improve efficiency in general.

8) Getting information, statements, excerpts from National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations

Information from the Unified State Register of issued state registrar under request standard pattern in the form of an extract, a certificate (in purple forms,) and statement (the yellow form, new forms - in purple). The difference - in the information contained in these documents. Under the new order of information from the Unified State Register (effective 29/12/2012), approved by the Ministry of Justice
9) Register, change, liquidation of legal entities and private entrepreneurs

For the realization of economic rights in the exercise of economic activity provide services for:
1. Registration of legal entities;
2. Liquidation of legal entities;
3. Registration and liquidation of individual entrepreneurs.

Lawyer services

Lawyer services

1) Family disputes

Family relationships are the result of marriage, birth of children and regulated persons living in the same household, as well as relatives in kinship. 

Mostly family disputes arise: in marriage, divorce, relationships in the case of maintenance, care of family members, and in other circumstances.
Attorney Services in this category of cases required in order to protect the rights and interests of the family and each family member individually.
To settle these relationships, we provide the following services:
1. Legal advice (verbal and in writing);
2. Development, conclusion, amendment or termination of marriage contracts;
3. Help with clearance of divorce, including by drawing up a claim, and maintenance of the case in court;
4. Representation of interests in matters relating to the division of marital property and recovery of maintenance;
5. Representation of interests in adoption.

2) Labour disputes

Labor disputes arising from unsettled as a result of direct negotiations and disputes between the employee (team workers) and the employer concerning the application of labor laws, as well as the establishment of new or changes to existing conditions.
Services provided to both employees and employers in resolving this type of cases:
1. Development work rules, the provisions of the Staff regulations and employment agreements (contracts);
2. Development of a collective agreement to companies and organizations;
3. Advising on the conclusion of employment contracts and contracts;
4. Advice on labor legislation in dismissal, with labor disputes;
5. Implementation of legal support staff dismissal in connection with the reorganization of enterprises, reducing staff or the number of employees;
6. Representing the interests of the employee in the organs, agencies, including courts of all instances in cases of illegal dismissal;
7. Representation of interests in dealing with reinstatement of employment.

3) Inheritance cases

Category of cases that govern the relations of succession, that is transfer of rights, obligations and property (heritage) from an individual who has died (testator) to another or others (heirs). But nowadays a lot of controversial issues in this type of case.
They need constant detailed study in order to prevent violations of the rights and obligations of the testators and heirs. In order to settle controversial issues, we provide the following services:
1. Consultations (oral and written) including the provision of legal opinion;
2. Help with clearance of inheritage;
3. Solving the issues related to exceed the period during which you can take inheritance;
4. Resolving disputes between heirs including the distribution of inherited property;
5. Disputes, related recognition of ownership of the estate in the lawsuit, including the recognition of ownership of the compulsory share of inheritance property;
6. Setting the fact of adoption of heritage;
7. Services relating to invalidation of the covenant and the elimination of the right to inherit the other heirs.

4) Administrative cases

This type of case considered in the event that at least one of the parties in these relationships is the local government , their official or officer or other entity that provides power management functions on the basis of legislation, including delegated responsibilities. Based on the above administrative relations pertaining to public law .
In this category of cases, we provide services to resolve disputes such as:
1. Arguments between natural or legal persons with authority subject to appeal of its decisions (normative legal acts or regulations of individual action), action or inaction;
2. Disputes between public authorities from exercising their competence in management, including delegated responsibilities and disputes arising from the conclusion and implementation of administrative contracts;
3. Controversy at the request of the subject of authority in cases prescribed by law;
4. Controversy on legal aspects of the electoral process.
The range of services in support of the cases in administrative proceedings include:
1. Consultations (oral and written) including the provision of a legal opinion on the merits;
2. Analysis of the case papers;
3. Preparing a claim, appeal or cassation complaints and other documents required to apply to the courts of the administrative claim or complaint;
4. Representation in court proceedings, including the preparation and filing of necessary legal documents to the trial.

5) Civil cases

The most numerous category of cases are civil cases. They cover almost all situations in life. We help professional, using a large number of legal nuances solve every situation that emerged as a result of the civil - legal relations.
We offer the following services in civil cases:
1. Consultations (oral and written);
2. Drawing up statements, letters, applications, claims, petitions, complaints and other documents;
3. Preparation of agreements, contracts;
4. Representation in government bodies, local government, law enforcement and others;
5. Prepare statements in order of separate proceedings (establishing the facts of legal significance, limiting civil capacity of an individual, the recognition of an individual incapable of renovation and civil capacity of natural persons, the recognition of heritage abandoned, the recognition of an individual missing, declaration of the deceased, etc.);
6. Settlement of civil and property disputes between natural and legal persons, between public authorities;
7. Representation in all courts , providing support or view the judgment in appeal and cassation instances;
8. Solving the issue of damages, losses sustained as a result of a traffic accident and due to other circumstances;
9. Solving the issue of enforcement of debt, research property of the debtor , including measures to search for the debtor's property , followed by an appeal about his confiscation;
10. Preparation and submission of applications for review of cases under the new circumstances , and so on

6) Economic cases

This assistance in legal regulation and improvement of relations that exist in the organization and implementation of economic activity. We also provide services to resolve contradictions between businesses, organizations, government and other authorities, citizens, businesses of their rights and responsibilities in economic relations. ncluding the courts resolve of economic disputes, arising:
1. At the conclusion , amendment, termination of business contracts;
2. In the performance of contracts due to improper performance;
3. Disputes over for damages caused by an entity, execution by the head of a state or local government;
4. Disputes about compensation in the management and collection of penalties and operational economic sanctions;
5. Disputes about recognition agreements invalid, not concluded, or their individual parts. The debate on the recognition of property;
6. Disputes, linking with the implementation of corporate rights.
Representation of interests in economic cases at different stages of the process:
1. Pre-court settlement of disputes;
2. Representation in the Commercial Court;
3. Representation in appeal of decisions of commercial courts;
4. Supporting case in manner of enforcement proceedings.

6) Criminal cases

This is a tough fight between a lawyer and a prosecutor for the sake of justice. In this fight the last word rests with the judge, that is acting as a representative of the law.
We provide the following services to protect the rights and and representation of interests by the lawyer in criminal cases: 1. Participation lawyer in a criminal case pending the inspection;
2. Participation lawyer during the preliminary investigation;
3. Participation lawyer in criminal proceedings in the trial court;
4. Participation lawyer in the court of cassation ( appeal ) court;
5. Participation lawyer in the Supreme Court of Ukraine;
6. Participation lawyer at the stage of execution of the sentence;
7. Protection of clients' interests in the European Court of Human Rights;
8. Legal services in criminal cases - representing the interests of the injured party;
9. Legal services in criminal cases - representing the interests of the private prosecutor;
10. Criminal lawyer - legal services to witnesses;
11. Legal services for the right to rehabilitation.

Real estate activities

Real estate activities

1) Registration ownership of real property, including mortgage registration

In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, title to real property is purchased after its registration. That contract, agreement or a court decision recognizing the right of property does not entitle the holder to dispose of this property. In this regard, we are helping the owner of the property to reach the ultimate goal, which is valuable to use and dispose of property. Due to the fact that the law of Ukraine is constantly improving and changing, we are helping to reach the goal in view of these changes . Including services, provided on state registration of ownership of the unfinished building.
2) Restrictions (encumbrances) ownership of real property

One of the links of disposition of property is restrictions (encumbrances) of ownership of real estate. This action not only prohibits dispose (dispose of) the property , but also helps to prohibit illegal owner conduct any action on this property . 
Restrictions (encumbrances) of ownership is held in a variety of situations. Occurrence , transfer and termination of real rights encumbrances on real estate is held through the courts, the state executive service , the state registration of rights. We help to protect both the rights of the owner of the property by imposing restrictions (encumbrances) ownership and registration of encumbrances of real rights to immovable property and their right to the property by transfer or termination restrictions (encumbrances) of ownership.

3) Getting information from the State Register of Rights to the real estate

When performing administrative actions property agencies , organizations, notaries, courts in some cases, make sure there is ownership by the property owner. In this case , this information is received from the State Register of Real Property Rights .In order to obtain sound information to help freely exercise their right to immovable property. Provides services for analyzing, compiling data applications and information about the owner of the property and real estate properties in the form of extract or informational reference.

4) Technical inventory of real property

To install the replanning, converted of the property, held services in development: 
- technical passports to real estate; 
- technical passports for construction in progress; 
- information about the lack of buildings on the land; 
- information about the performance of real estate;
- calculation of ideal particles;
- actions concerning allocation of shares in kind; 
- consultations with technical inventory

5) Commissioning of real property

To commissioning of real property, performed following services: 
- obtaining a permit for construction work; 
- development of project documentation; 
- production of a building passport; 
- technical supervision (the report) and urban conditions.

6) Services for sale and rent of real estate

To exercise your rights to real estate provided the following services: 
1. Consultation and legal support action for alienation (sale) property; 
2. Services for buying and selling residential and commercial properties; 
3. Services of rent and commercial premises; 
4. Conducting peer review services for real estate; 
5. Legal audit of real estate before buying.

Land cases

Land cases

1) Registration of land in the state land cadastre

State registration of land plays a special role in the reform of land relations as a knowledge base for effective land management.
Registration of land confirming transfer or termination of land rights and encumbrances of such rights by making the appropriate entry in the State Register of Rights to Immovable Property. State Land Cadastre operates in parallel with the State Register of Rights to Immovable Property. For the right to land, provide a full range of services in the registration of land in the state land cadastre.
2) Drafting projects of land planning

The land allocation project is being developed if: it`s changing the purpose of land according to law; provision, the transfer of land, withdrawal (redemption), alienation of land (part of) the boundaries of which are not found in nature (on the ground).
For individuals and entities providing services in drafting project documentation contractors who are licensed to carry out works on land management including accompanying documents when performing these works.
3) Land management activity

The land management projects in Ukraine include: work on the drafting of land allocation, changing the purpose of land, crop rotation design, land development project of lifting (moving, storage) of topsoil, technical documentation to establish the boundaries of land, division, removing and other.
The main aspects of land management projects include:
1. Projects of land ownership or lease;
2. Changing the purpose of land;
3. Permission for removal of topsoil;
4. Technical documentation on setting boundaries, division or amalgamation of land and other.
4) Geodesy

Work on geodesy held to study the shape, size of land, as well as methods of precise geodetic, gravimetric and astronomical geodetic measurements are performed to determine the coordinates of points on the Earth's surface (the basic geodetic works).

Accounting services

Accounting services

1) Making the accounting subscription service for the companies, enterprises and private entrepreneurs
2) Tax records of a private entrepreneur
3) Carrying accounting and taxation
4) Presentation of financial and tax reporting
5) Consulting in tax and accounting
6) Restoration the accounting, production accounting from the ground
7) Formation of accounting, tax, financial and statistical reports, reporting to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance
8) Registration of licenses, permits, patents, etc.

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